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Donald Handshoe

Donald Handshoe, a senior and a double major in Classics and Anthropology, divides his time between his studies and his work, both of which as it turns out have to do with archaeology, his passion.  His recent studies have included Latin, Greek, and Italian, but also courses in ancient geography, the history of the Roman Empire, and masterpieces of classical literature.  All of this is impressive enough, but what is especially noteworthy is his contribution to the excavations directed by UK professor Paolo Visonà at Monte Palazzi in southern Italy.


Because only 10% of the site had been excavated, Professor Visonà contacted the University of Kentucky's Archaeological Research Facility to inquire about geophysical testing, and in the summer of 2010 Donald traveled to the site to conduct electrical resistance and fluxgate gradiometry testing.  The results revealed that it was indeed a Greek defensive fort with thick fortification walls and possibly a guard tower.

The combined data from both the excavations and the geophysical testing have been presented in various formats including a presentation at the Anthropology Department’s Archaeology Roundtable and an exhibit at the Lexington Public Library.  Currently, they are preparing an article (focused solely on the geophysical survey) which will be submitted to the Journal of Archaeological Prospection.