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Dual Career Assistance

Faculty Dual Career Partner Assistance Policy

The College of Arts and Sciences and the University of Kentucky are committed to hiring outstanding faculty.  They recognize that such faculty often have working spouses or partners.  As a result, the College and University have implemented a Faculty Dual Career Partner Assistance Policy that aids spouses and partners in obtaining suitable employment.  This includes academic and staff employment either in the College or at the University as well as employment outside the University.   If a person whom the College wishes to hire into a faculty position has a partner or spouse who also seeks academic employment, the College, subject to considerations of strategic investment, will endeavor to identify a department, in Arts and Sciences or in a different college, that might be interested in hiring that individual.  If, moreover, both the academic partner or spouse and the University of Kentucky department are interested in pursuing a hire, the College can conduct a search toward that end. This policy also applies to the academic spouses and partners of people who, at the time their spouses or partners seek academic employment, have been already hired as College faculty.

View the full statement of the Faculty Dual Career Assistance Policy.