Executive Committee

The College's Executive Committee is made up of six tenured faculty members, two from each division.  Its members are elected by the faculty and serve three-year, staggered terms.  The Executive Committee serves as an advisory group to the Dean on administrative matters, and as a channel of communication from the Faculty to the Dean.

The AY21-22 members are:

Michelle Sizemore (term ending 2022) English michelle.sizemore@uky.edu 
Carol Mason (term ending 2024) Gender and Women's Studies carol.mason@uky.edu 
Natural & Mathematical Sciences
Brian Rymond (term ending 2022) Biology rymond@uky.edu 
Peter Perry (term ending 2023) Math pperr0@uky.edu 
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Carrie Oser (term ending 2023) Sociology carrie.oser@uky.edu
Christopher Pool (term ending 2024) Anthropology christopher.pool@uky.edu