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No photograph available for
No photograph available for kjblac01
Manuscript Archivist, Libraries
401 King Library
(859) 257-4207
Miller Hall 3
Associate Professor of Russian Studies
University Senate (A&S Humanities Representative, 2020-2023)
Interim Director, Undergraduate Certificate in International Film Studies
Research Leadership Academy, Track 1
Russian Literature, Language Pedagogy, Theater and Performance studies, Poetry and Poetics, Film and visual culture, environmental and sustainability studies
1053 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor
Modern U.S. history, Social movements history, Labor and working class history and politics, History of race and ethnicity, U.S. Latinx history and politics, Immigration history, Nativism and xenophobia, Oral history and memory
1721 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1043
Senior Lecturer
ethnobotany, South American Archaeology, Midwest and Eastern North American Archaeology, Origins of Food Production, Paleoethnobotany
201F Lafferty Hall
No photograph available for sborg2
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Associate Professor, Linguistics
241 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1584
Senior Research Geologist, Kentucky Geological Survey
Kentucky Professional Geologist PG 112454
California Professional Geologist PG 3514
Florida Professional Geologist PG 2027
American Institute of Professional Geologists, Certified Professional Geologist CPG 6309
328 Mining and Mineral Resources Building
(859) 323-0536
Director Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History
Margaret I. King Building
Associate Professor
MN 214 Medical Sciences Bldg
Professor and Acting Chair
Ancient and medieval philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Interactions of philosophy and theology
1405 Patterson Office Tower
T. W. Lewis Dean, Lewis Honors College
rabbinic interpretation of the Bible within Targumic literature, theodicy
116 Lewis Hall, Lewis Honors College
Director of Graduate Studies
Algebraic combinatorics, Topological Combinatorics, geometric combinatorics, scholarship of teaching and learning
831 Patterson Office Tower
No photograph available for jebren2
analysis and partial differential equations
949 Patterson Office Tower
Professor, APS Fellow
Condensed Matter Physics
CP393, CP182 (Lab)
859-257-4670, 859-257-6719 (Lab)
218 E. Maxwell Street
Part Time Instructor
957 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor of English
Classical Hollywood Cinema, Contemporary Hollywood Cinema, 20th Century American Literature, Modernism, Film
1365 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
African American history, African American women, Film and Visual Studies, Photography
1723 Patterson Office Tower
Senior Lecturer
Director of Elementary Language Instruction
Latinx populations in the U.S., Instructional Technology, Second Language Acquisition, Service-learning, 19th-21st century Latin American Latinx and US culture, Language in Kentucky
1137 Patterson Office Tower
Tectonics, Climate Change Communication
310 Slone
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Assistant Professor
Emotion in the framing of political issues, Internet to organize and mobilize social movement actors
1563 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor of Sociology
Director of the Health, Society and Populations Program
Stigma and discrimination; gender; mental health; disability; health data sciences
1529 Patterson Office Tower
analysis and partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, inverse problems
963 Patterson Office Tower
+1 859 257 3951
Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics
Director of Graduate Studies
Spanish Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, L2 Pedagogy and Assessment
1127 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence
Developmental, Social, and Health Psychology
Gender stereotypes, Children and adolescents' perceptions of gender and ethnic discrimination, Gender and ethnic identity development, Social inequality, Immigration and ethnicity
207E Kastle Hall
Hardin-Drnevich-Huang Professor of Civil Engineering
Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Laboratory Testing of Geologic Materials, geohazards, Unsaturated Soil Mechanics, Applied Geotechnics
161 Oliver H. Raymond Bldg.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Ecology, Macroecology, Biogeography, Global Change Ecology, Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology
Department Chair
Editor, Linguistic Atlas Project
1675 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor, Clinical
Associate Chair, Psychology Department
cancer survivorship, smoking cessation, rural populations, health equity, Quality of Life
207K Kastle Hall
(859) 257-9612
Associate Professor
Philosophy of Science, History of Science, Philosophy of Chemistry, Philosophy of Physics
1427 Patterson Office Tower
AS 200/300 Instructor
The Alumni Association Endowed Professor of Biological Chemistry, 249 Chem-Phys, 859-257-3184
Director, Redox Metabolism Shared Resource Facility, Markey Cancer Center, 225 HSRB, 859-323-0476
Faculty, Sanders-Brown Center on Aging
Faculty Associate, Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center
Associate Vice President for Research
249 Chemistry-Physics Building
859-257-3184 (office), 859-323-9985 (fax)
Associate Professor of Linguistics
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Historical Linguistics, Indo-European Linguistics, Constructed Languages, Phonology
1667 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor, German Studies
Director of Beginning German
Germanic Linguistics, Turkish-German identity, Hip Hop Studies, Style and Sociolinguistic Variation, Second Language Acquisition, History of the German Language, Game Studies, ConLangs, Proto-Indo-European, Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies, Resistance Vernaculars
1003 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-3629
Assistant Professor
Environmental Rhetoric, Climate Change Communication, Disability Studies, Feminist Ethics, Technical Communication, Rhetoric of Science, science communication
1351 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1115
Associate Professor of Classics
Classics TA Coordinator
President of the Kentucky Philological Association
Classical Mythology, Classical Historiography, Greek Epigraphy
1021 Patterson Office Tower
1601 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
Director/Editor, The John Dickinson Writings Project
Early modern Anglo-American theology and political theory, John Dickinson
Patterson Office Tower 1763
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