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James S. Brown 2013 Graduate Student Award

The James S. Brown Award is given to honor the memory of Professor James S. Brown, a sociologist on the faculty of the University of Kentucky from 1946 to 1982, whose pioneering studies of society, demography, and migration in Appalachia (including his ethnography of “Beech Creek”) helped to establish the field of Appalachian Studies at U.K. and beyond.

The Award supports graduate student research on the Appalachian region. To be eligible, students must be actively enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree program at U.K. The Award must be used to meet costs of doing research relevant to social life in Appalachia including travel, lodging, copying, interviewing, ethnography, data collection, archival research, transcribing, and other legitimate research expenses. Except under special circumstances, awards will not exceed $1,500. The award does not cover registration or travel costs for presentations or attendance at conferences.

To be eligible, students must submit each of the following: 1) a completed, scanned and signed copy of the application form, 2)  a Research Statement of no more than 5 pages (including references) explaining the significance and methods of the proposed research; 3) an itemized budget; and 4) the graduate advisor’s letter of recommendation. Return materials to the Appalachian Center c/o Ms. Pam Webb at no later than March 9, 2013. For questions, contact Dr. Dwight Billings at