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Picturing Goths and Heretics in Early Medieval Ravenna

Hardymon Theatre, Davis Marksbury Building (Rose Street)
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Prof. Deborah Deliyannis

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The Clark Lecture, sponsored by the Gaines Center for the Humanities, for 2023 will be given by Prof. Deborah Deliyannis (Indiana University,  Bloomington). Prof. Deliyannis draws upon archaeology and architectural history in her studies of the way history was written in the Early Middle Ages. She is the author of several monographs, including Ravenna in Late Antiquity, which treats the history of the city and monuments of Ravenna from the fifth to the ninth centuries (2010).  Her most recent book, Fifty Early Medieval Things, was co-written with Paolo Squatriti and Hendrik Dey, and was published in 2019.  Her current book project considers the role of bishops as church-builders, from late antiquity through the Carolingian period.  She is a Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America.