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Faculty & Staff Resources

Responsibilities of Faculty for P&T

The faculty member is responsible for providing the following items for inclusion in the tenure dossier. 

  1. A complete up-to-date vita.
  2. A personal research statement. This statement should identify what the candidate considers to be his or her one or two most significant contributions and an explanation why. Ordinarily, this statement should be no longer than 3-5 pages.
  3. A copy of the candidate's teaching portfolio.
  4. A list, together with representative samples (or the complete set, if requested by chair), of the individual's research publications, patents, writings, or other creative or professional productivity (manuscripts accepted for publication but not yet published, and reviewed by external and internal referees, may be included; the reviews by external and internal referees should be included in the dossier).
  5. Information or materials relating to professional status and activity.
  6. Information or materials relating to university and public service.
  7. All additional information which, in the judgment of the candidate, is relevant to his or her tenure review.