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Staff Resources / Staff Council

Staff Council

2022-2023 Staff Council


The College of Arts and Sciences Staff Council shall serve

1) as an advisory and consulting group for the Dean and

2) as spokespersons for the concerns and interests of the College's staff members with the unified objective of improving the educational and working environment of the College and the University as a whole. 


Want to know more? Considering joining the Council?

If you are interested in serving on the council, please let any current council member know!  


Current Members:

Joe Wiley (Chair)
Administrative Staff Officer, Dean's Office
265 Patterson Office Tower

Kristina Morgan (Vice-Chair)
Department Manager, Biology
101D THM Building

Katia Davis (Recording Scribe)
Department Manager, Linguistics 
1601 Patterson Office Tower

Zack Alexander (Member)
Financial Analyst Coordinator, Business Center
361 Jacobs Science Building

Melissa Cowan (Member)
College Budget Analyst Lead, Business Center
267 Patterson Office Tower

Melanie Esterline (Member)
Department Manager, Philosophy
1415 Patterson Office Tower

Taylor Kincaid (Member)
Department Manager, MCLLC
1055 Patterson Office Tower

Colleen Knight (Member)
Administrative Support Associate, Dean's Office
220 Patterson Office Tower

Spencer Krenke (Member)
Administrative Staff Officer, Business Center
224 Patterson Office Tower

Phil Mink (Member)
GIS Coordinator, Anthropology
1020A Export St

Miguel Prieto-Valle (Member)
Academic Advisor
313 Patterson Office Tower 

Teresa Smith (Member)
Executive Assistant, Dean's Office
259 Patterson Office Tower

Ana Franco-Watkins (Executive Officer. ex-officio)
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences 

Jennifer Bradshaw (Dean's Representative, ex-officio)
Senior Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration, College of Arts & Sciences