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Brewing Narratives: Craft Beer, Craft Writing, and Crafting a Symposium

University of Kentucky professor Jeff Rice assembled and hosted a symposium on UK's campus in February. The symposium, called "Craft Writing: Beer, the Digital, and Craft Culture" brought people from across the country to Lexington to discuss the forms of professional writing done in the craft beer industry.

In this podcast, Dr. Rice discusses what the symposium set out to accomplish, what it succeeded in accomplishing, and the culture of the craft beer industry.

This podcast was produced by David Cole.

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Designing Effective Discussions

An early afternoon faculty/student intellectual jam session (with free pizza!). Help us tease apart the art and science of motivating thought provoking discussions – during class, in recitations, via the net, anywhere. Hosted by UK Professor Jeff Rice, Martha B. Reynolds Endowed Professor for Digital Media (Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Media). With presentations by three of UK’s most experienced teaching faculty: * Kathi Kern, History/CELT * Jonathan Golding, Psychology * Ron Wilhelm, Astronomy Speakers will cover some theory, experiences, techniques, and technologies for provoking effective discussions.

UK Visitor Discusses New Forms of Literacy

UK's Division of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Media will host a strategist, futurist and technologist to discuss reading, writing, literacy and education this week.

Meet Jeff Rice: New Faculty 2011

At the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester, we met with all of the new faculty hires in the College of Arts and Sciences. This series of podcasts introduces them and their research interests. Jeff Rice is an associate professor in the Division of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media. Rice focuses on writing and rhetoric in new media environments as they pertain to networks and network theory. He is also one of three co-directors of A&S Wired, a new residential college in Keeneland Hall.

This podcast was produced by Christina Buckner.

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Dean's Channel: A&S Wired with Cristina Alcalde and Jeff Rice

University of Kentucky College of Arts & Sciences Dean Mark Kornbluh sits down with professors Cristina Alcalde and Jeff Rice to talk about A&S Wired Residential College. Along with Psychology professor Nathan DeWall, Alcalde and Rice serve as co-Directors of UK's newest Living Learning Community. For more information on A&S Wired, visit A&S Wired is the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences Residential College. The goal of the A&S Wired Residential College is to foster an environment that steeps students in the traditions of the liberal arts but harnesses the power of the digital age. This residential community will prepare students for the future by providing them with a flexible and dynamic skill set, instilling social responsibility, and enhancing their ability and freedom to co-construct knowledge globally and digitally.

New Media Professor Brings Fresh Views to UK

Media takes on a new meaning on campus with new A&S division
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