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Early American Illness: Narratives of Disease with Sarah Schuetze

Sarah Schuetze, a Ph.D. candidate in the English Department, recently recieved the prestigious Mellon Fellowship from the McNeil Center for Early American Studies in Philadelphia. The fellowship is a 14-month research grant that allows scholars access to the center's and surrounding areas prodigious libraries of early American documents. In this podcast, Sarah describes her research focused on Early American narratives about disease and illness and how she felt recieiving the Mellon fellowship.

Will Justice Be Televised?: An Interview with Justin Wedeking

Justin Wedeking studies dynamics within the courtroom - from how Supreme Court decisions are made to how useful confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominess are. Wedeking is a professor in the Department of Political Science, and is currently involved in research to determine whether or not televising court proceedings will affect the legitimacy of court decisions.

The 2nd Ohio River Analysis Meeting: John Lewis

On Saturday and Sunday, April 21-22 2012, the University of Kentucky will host the 2nd Ohio River Analysis Meeting.

This series of conferences is a collaboration between mathematics research groups at the University of Kentucky and the University of Cincinnati. The goal is to foster closer research collaborations among faculty and students from the two departments, and to bring leading experts in the fields of analysis and partial differential equations to the region.

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