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UK Advisors Honored at State Level

by Sarah Geegan

The University of Kentucky's 2013 Ken Freedman Outstanding Advisors, David P. Moecher and George L. Scott Jr., were recently recognized at the state level as well, through the  National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).
Moecher was named the 2013 NACADA Region III Outstanding Faculty Advisor, and Scott was named the NACADA Region III Outstanding Academic Advisor, both for the state of Kentucky.
Moecher is a faculty advisor and chair of the College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.  He said it was a nice surprise to be recognized at the state level.
"There are many reasons that advising is important," Moecher said. "But one important reason is that students are future alumni. They should be treated as if they are part of the UK family. Successful alumni development begins with undergraduate advising. This is the culture in geoscience departments around the country. Based on what I hear from other faculty, this seems to be a unique aspect of our field."
Moecher's technique in advising involves providing accurate information based on his many years of working through the system at UK.
"I also try to find creative solutions to problems," he said. "This is often only possible if you are an experienced advisor and know the 'angles.'"
George Scott serves as the college services coordinator for the Robinson Scholars Program, a program that provides support services and scholarship resources for selected students from Eastern Kentucky. He is a native of Morgan County and a class four Robinson Scholar himself.
"To be nominated and win the Ken Freedman award at UK was truly amazing, but to be recognized by NACADA is also amazing," Scott said. "I am deeply honored, especially to have only been in this position for two years. The entire Robinson Scholars staff have accomplished so much, and without their wonderful support and the awesome students that I take care of, I would not be in this position. They are truly what has made this possible."
Having worked at UK for five years, Scott's biggest professional accomplishment revolves around the theme of community that he has created among his students.
"My office is always open," Scott said. "For Robinson Scholars, my office is a home away from home. I am always available to them. This job is more of a lifestyle than a job. My students feel comfortable with me and know that they can always reach me in the office, over the phone, through text, or Facebook. We are truly a family, and the community within the program has changed dramatically over the last three years due to the hard work of myself and this amazing staff."  
Moecher and Scott will both be recognized at the NACADA Region III conference in Greenville, S.C., May 14-17, 2013.
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