The Dean's Office

   Ana Franco-Watkins - Dean
   259 Patterson Office Tower
Jennifer Bradshaw - Senior Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
263 Patterson Office Tower
Teresa Smith - Executive Assistant
(Contact for Appointments with the Dean)
259 Patterson Office Tower
  Adrianne Gilley - Administrative Assistant 
  253 Patterson Office Tower
Billie Haley - Administrative Support Associate
242 Patterson Office Tower

College of Arts & Sciences Org Chart

Associate Dean for Faculty
Sarah Lyon - Associate Dean for Faculty
257 Patterson Office Tower
Contact Adrianne Gilley for appointments:
  • Appointment Process for Instructional Faculty at All Levels
  • College Elections to Faculty Committees
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Faculty Distribution of Effort (DOE)
  • Faculty Merit Reviews (All reviews)
  • Faculty Moving Expenses
  • Faculty Offer Letters
  • Faculty Personnel Issues
  • Reviews of Probationary Faculty
  • Recruitment and Hiring Processes
  • Retirement Discussions
  • Sabbaticals and Scholarly Leaves
  • SACS Compliance (TA’s and PTI’s)
  • Sexual Harassment Liaison
  • Teaching Assistant Training
  • Tenure and Promotion Processes
Associate Dean for Research
Mark Meier - Interim Associate Dean for Research
237 Patterson Office Tower


Contact Adrianne Gilley for appointments:

  • Approvals for Sponsored Funding Proposals
  • Capital Planning
  • College-Funded Research Support
    • College Research Activity Awards
    • College Enrichment Fund
    • Sabbatical Funding
    • Summer Research Fellowships
  • Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment
  • Facilities Issues and Space Planning
  • Faculty Start-Up and Bridge Funding
  • Major Equipment Requests
  • NEH Summer Stipend University Competition
  • University – Funded Research Support
  • Research Support Grants
  • Research Professorships
  • Summer Research Fellowships
  • Wethington Awards

For grant related questions, please visit the Business Center website.

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
Mark Meier - Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
237 Patterson Office Tower


Contact Adrianne Gilley for appointments:

  • A&S Graduate Programs
  • RA and GA Tuition Scholarships
  • A&S Fellowships and TA Awards
  • Graduate Recruitment 
  • Graduate Program Assistance 
  • Graduate Professional Development

Information for Directors of Graduate Studies

Information for Graduate Students 

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Anna Bosch - Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
241 Patterson Office Tower
Contact Billie Haley for appointments:

  • Academic Integrity, Cheating, and Plagiarism
  • Course Fees
  • Educational Policy Committee Issues
  • Course Proposals
  • Changes in Requirements for Majors and Minors
  • Curriculum Development Proposals
  • Faculty Advisor for Undergraduate Student Affairs Issues
  • Interdisciplinary Programs (IDP)
  • SACS University Reaffirmation – College Contact
  • Teacher-Course Evaluations
  • Topical Major Program Supervision
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Selection
  • University Academic Related Committees
  • Assessment/Student Learning
  • Academic Readiness
  • Retention
  • College-wide Academic Advising
  • A&S Ambassador Program & A&S Week
  • Academic Probation Counseling
  • Recruitment, Advising Conferences
  • Retention Efforts & Graduation Efforts
  • Liaison to Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)
  • Course Planning and Scheduling
  • Summer School Planning
  • Teaching Resource Planning
Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Christia Spears Brown - Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
251 Patterson Office Tower
Contact Billie Haley for appointments:
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts
  • DIrector of Online Graduate Certificate for Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Initiatives for under-represented faculty, staff, students
  • Recruitment, retention, and support efforts
  • Director of Center for Equality and Social Justice


For more information, please visit the Diversity and Inclusion in A&S websites

Associate Dean for Advising
Ruth Beattie - Associate Dean for Advising
202 Patterson Office Tower
  • Oversight of the College Academic Advising Services
  • Co-Curricular Student Programming
  • Retention and Graduation Efforts
  • SAP, APEX Monitoring and Exceptions
  • A&S College Bulletin Updates
  • Oversight of College Degree Requirements for Students
  • Daily Oversight and Troubleshooting of Student Advising Issues
  • Advisor Education
  • Advising Development
  • Degree and Audit Certifications

For the full advising center staff directory, please visit the Advising Center website.

Office of Philanthropy
Laura Sutton - Director of Philanthropy
205 Patterson Office Tower
Mailing Address:
202 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, KY 40506-0027
  • Central Development Liaison
  • Individual Alumni/Relationships/Cultivation
  • Fundraising
  • Endowment Information
  • Major Gifts
  • Estate and Planned Gifts
  • Annual Giving
  • Alumni Engagement
Space and Facilities
Jay Young - Assistant Dean for Facilities Planning & Management
225 Patterson Office Tower
  • College Facilities, On and Off Campus
  • Safety and Emergency Management
  • Renovations and Facility Planning
  • College Space, Equipment, and Chemical Inventory
  • Shipping and Receiving

For assistance from our team, please visit the Space & Facilities website.

Undergraduate Affairs, Enrollment Management and Decision Support
Jesse Hedge - Assistant Dean for Undergraduate and International Affairs
249 Patterson Office
  • Domestic Recruiting & Retention
  • International Recruiting and Partnerships
  • Center for English as Second Language
  • Enrollment Planning
  • Course Scheduling
  • Data Analysis


Finance and Administration
Jennifer Bradshaw
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
263 Patterson Office Tower

Finance & Budget

  • Strategic Planning
  • Procurement of Goods and Services
  • Employee and Student Travel
  • All other reimbursements
  • Grants-Pre and Post Award Management
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll

For the Business Center directory and all financial, HR, & payroll related matters, please visit the Business Center website.

Creative and Technical Services - The Hive
Jennifer Allen -
Co-Director of HIVE (Director of Communications & Creative Services)
901 Patterson Office Tower
Scott Bradley - Co-Director of HIVE (Director of IT)
907 Patterson Office Tower
  • Graphic Design and Support
  • Media and Public Relations
  • News and Event Releases
  • Content Creation
  • Audio Production/Podcast Support
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Ampersand, A&S Magazine
  • Web Content Support (non-instructional)
  • Technical Support & Instructional Support
  • Web Services
  • IT Infrastructure

For creative and technical support, please visit the Hive website.