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Graduate Students / Career Placement

Career Placement

The College of Arts and Sciences is partnerning with the Graduate School's Office of Professional Development to participate as an affiliate in the Council of Graduate School's Understanding Career Pathways for Program Improvement. Our goal is to develop a robust, long-term strategy for systematically evaluating and tracking our current graduate students' career aspirations and program experiences and alumni career pathways. This will help us to better ensure that our graduate programs adequately support desired student learning outcomes and help prepare students for a range of diverse careers. Based on the data collected through three annual surveys of PhD students and alumni within 8 Arts and Sciences departments, we are currently developing a recommended set of of best practices for making de-identified tracking data public to provide prospective graduate students with a better understanding of the potential fit between their career ambitions and U.K.'s graduate programs. 

Please see the Council of Graduate School's site for more information about the Career Pathways initiative and reports on Inside Higher Ed and The Chronicle of Higher Education summarizing the findings to date. 


For more information about graduate student career placement, please visit individual department sites: