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Five Things About Me

Will BickersI’m originally from Havelock, North Carolina. However, I now call the beautiful city of Lexington my home. I’m a proud graduate from the University of Kentucky in May 2011. I received a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and completed three minors in Communication, History, and Geography. During my time as an undergrad I established myself as a UK Tour Guide and a Summer Advising Wildcat Assistant. These positions helped me realize my passion for this amazing “See Blue” community eventually guiding me toward being a UK Recruiter for the Chicagoland area. After working as a UK Recruiter for two and half years I transitioned into my current role as A&S Recruiter and Retention Coordinator.

1. What do you do in your spare time?
I really enjoy ‘adventure running’ (basically I register for all of races that involve mud, obstacles, electricity, zombies, etc). Last year alone I ran two half marathons and seven adventure runs.
If I’m not running you most likely find me playing volleyball. I typically play 4-5 times a week at the Bluegrass Volleyball Club.

2. Are you a cat person or a dog person (or do you like another species entirely)?
I currently do not have any pets; but I REALLY like dogs. I will often frequent the Lexington Humane Society just to play with the puppies. I’ve even been known to detour my running route on Thursdays so I can pass by Thursday Night Live to see all the dogs.

3. What is one ambition or goal you have for the next year?
Participate in the Goofy Challenge. The Goofy Challenge is a two day race. On the first day you run a half marathon and the second day you run a full marathon. The next one is coming up January and I hope to be ready.

4. What is the most interesting/your favorite place you've been?
The Outer Banks in North Carolina. My family/extended family typically takes a trip there every year or so. I actually just got back from vacationing there a couple weeks ago and spent most of my time relaxing on the beach.

5. What is your favorite food?
Anything with bacon… I would also have to say Buttered-Pecan Ice-cream (I know it’s weird but I always have a container in my freezer).