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political ecology working group

DOPE 2014 Scholar/Activist Panel: Working Across Borders: US/Latin America Collaborations for Social and Environmental Justice

Featuring: Simón Sedillo (organizer and filmmaker); Geoff Boyce (Doctoral Candidate, School of Geography and Development, University of Arizona); Aviva Chomsky (Department of History, Salem State University); Vanessa Hall (Kentuckians for the Commonwealth); and Ann Kingsolver, (Department of Anthropology and Appalachian Studies Center, University of Kentucky)

Student Center Room 230
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DOPE 2014 Plenary Panel: Engaging Difference: Displacing the Subject in Political Ecology

Featuring: Dianne Rocheleau (Clark University); Laura Ogden (Florida International University);Carolyn Finney (University of California Berkeley); Melanie DuPuis (University of California Santa Cruz); Sharlene Mollett (University of Toronto at Scarsborough); and Rebecca Lave (Indiana University)

Student Center, Worsham Theatre

Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference Tackles Environmental, Social Issues, Economics, and More

Scholars and students from around the globe have congregated in Lexington for the last two years to discuss nature, the environment, social issues, economics, and more at the Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference. The next conference will take place at the University of Kentucky during the end of February 2013.

Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference 2012: Jairus Rossi

Jairus Rossi is a graduate student in the Department of Geography, and one of twelve individuals organizing the 2nd annual Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference, which will take place from April 13th – 15th 2012 at the University of Kentucky. The conference is a multi-disciplinary event that will bring two guest speakers and scholars from at least ten countries.

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